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Why are we building The Grid?

As if there weren't already enough Testing clouds out there, some of the most popular being Browserstack, Saucelabs, LambdaTest to name a few, why exactly are we building The Grid?

Wait, isn't there Selenium Grid already, which is open-source? Yes, you are right, and we are well aware of all the solutions out there already. Infact, we have used them extensively and have been fans of some of the solutions.

So, why exactly are we building The Grid again? It is because we think the ecosystem for developers, quality engineers and cloud engineers has evolved greatly, and it makes more sense to leverage existing organizational assets, to better manage test automation infrastructure requirements.

We have spent considerable amount of our careers as Devs, QE and DevOps engineers working with some of the popular Testing clouds, but there are three major problems:

  1. Almost all the solutions charge exponentially higher as the number of parallel runs increase

  2. Most of the solutions run outside the corporate networks, requiring tunneling to access non-prod environments

  3. Performance and flakiness of tests is a concern in some of these cloud solutions

So combining our knowledge in Dev, QE and Cloud, we are building The Grid to address above problems by:

  1. Creating a solution that you have complete control over and runs on your cloud infra

  2. The ephemeral test environments are inside your VPC, so no more tunneling required. Also all test results and logs are saved in your cloud and,

  3. The tests run in your cloud infrastructure, so you can choose regions in which you run your environments

BONUS: with 24/7 support provided by our team, reducing performance, security and flakiness risks.

If you are currently using any of the major testing cloud providers, or setting up and managing your own Selenium Grid, give The Grid a chance, you will love it, just Connect,Test and Save!

Happy Testing!


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