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Save 10x on Testing Clouds

Start your own Distributed Test Cloud with devices and systems you already have.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability



Stop paying for Browsers and Devices you never test on.

Testing on multiple browser/device and OS combinations is very important for any test suite coverage. But are you really using all the 100s of browsers and devices the cloud providers are charging for? Are the no. of parallel sessions adding to your testing costs? We provide a way for you to connect all your devices, laptops and other systems you already use for work, no matter where they are located. Get started with your own secure test cloud setup in few clicks and run your tests without any modifications to how you use other test cloud providers. Same great experience, at a fraction of cost - no limitations!


What We Offer

We provide a private testing cloud that you can run on your AWS/GCP/Azure account or on ours, with no incremental costs for parallel runs. Connect all your work devices securely, no matter where your employees are working from. Turn your existing assets into a distributed testing powerhouse.

Grid That Just Works

Grid That
Just Works

Stop worrying about the setup and management of your Grid, our out of box solution lets you deploy Selenium Grid with a single click with all monitoring and logging integrated. Select the right plan for number of nodes you want to run

Bring your own devices and browsers

BYO Devices and Browsers

Your organization already has invested in assets: your laptops, mobile devices, cloud resources. Leverage what you have already invested in, run tests without leaving your corporate firewalls or VPCs. Save 10x on testing cloud costs by Bringing Your Own (BYO) assets.

Great performance and security

Great Performance
and Security

Our product works within your corporate network or cloud VPC with no need to rely on external testing cloud vendors, who are outside your secure corporate network to run your tests. This ensures great performance, no more flaky tests due to performance and bandwidth issues. All this with a setup your engineering teams can manage.

Smart features and plugins

Smart Features
and Plugins

We provide a lot of Smart features to securely connect any of your distributed testing assets to the Selenium Grid, with self-healing capabilities and a plugin library that lets you extend the default Selenium Grid behavior to create more than just Browser and App testing Grid

Built for Quality Engineers, by Quality Engineers

We know how important it is to have the right tools handy for Quality Engineers. We have been Quality Engineering experts and built solutions to accelerate testing. Selenium and Appium Grids built by us have been used by Enterprises across the Globe and we have now packaged them into something that makes it easy setup!

What Our Clients Say

“The Grid Lab's Selenium Grid setup with its smart UI features is one of the best ways to get started with our own testing cloud. No need to pay $1000 every month for browsers we don't even test on!”

QE Director,
E-Commerce Company

“We have a bunch of Mobile devices we buy for doing our Manual testing.The Grid Lab's solution made our life easy to connect our devices so our Automation team can run tests without friction.”


Healthcare Enterprise

“Our teams are distributed in. multiple countries and everyone has their own mobile devices they use for testing. The Grid Lab now lets us create our own multi-region Appium Grid”

Fintech Startup

Explore Our Pricing Options

Choose from one of our monthly subscriptions, and get started with a Free Trial. Our costing is based on the number of nodes you want to connect to your Selenium Grid.

  • Best Value


    Every month
    Scaleup your Grid Setup with more extensibility
    Valid for 12 months
    • All things included in Startup plan
    • Ephimeral Environments, Containers
    • Connect more than 150+ Browser and Device Nodes
    • Extend to use devices or browsers you do not have

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Testing Solutions

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